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Dragon Naturallyspeaking Home 11 Serial Number __EXCLUSIVE__

Registration with Nuance doesn't have anything to do with activating the software, and in fact isn't necessary for doing so. Anytime you install and activate the program on whatever computer, you should succeed, provided that you are using the correct serial number and haven't run out of your 10 activations per serial number that you are alloted. Given the above, if an errror is returned, there is either something wrong with the connection to the Nuance server, or you might have made a mistake when entering the serial number. Please keep in mind that Nuance doesn't use the letter "O", but the digit "0" (zero) instead, which is very easy to confuse, and quite often the case.

Dragon Naturallyspeaking Home 11 Serial Number


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Nothing comes up when i copy and past the folder to find my serial number I have it installed and used it already it says i can use it two more times before I have to put in the serial number any suggestions

My old computer crashed. I am trying to install it into my new computer, but my daughter threw away the protective sleeve. I have the box and instructions, but no serial number. Is there anything I can do?

As a digital rights management security measure, Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) requires that you enter a unique serial code before you can begin using it. Nuance, the publisher of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, sends out an email message that contains a serial number after your DNS purchase. If you want to reinstall Dragon NaturallySpeaking at a later time but cannot find the email containing the serial number, you can either find it online using your Dragon NaturallySpeaking order number or locate it within your DNS About screen or installation directory.

Third, before uninstalling Dragon make sure that you have a copy of your serial number for the current version of Dragon that you're using. If you can't find it, you can get it by opening the following file:

Where ##= your version of Dragon. Make sure that you copy that serial number to a safe location before you uninstall Dragon. This is critically important, so don't forget to do this first.

If you are prompted with the Dragon UninstallShield wizard displaying Modify, Repair, or Remove, be sure that you select (click on Remove). Otherwise, Windows will generally prompt you asking if you want to continue and remove Dragon. Do so. In other words, select the appropriate prompt when uninstalling from the Windows Control Panel. You will be asked if you want to save your user files. You should answer the prompt with 'No' because the next procedure in this step will delete them anyway. This is why you must make sure that you export your user profile to the Windows desktop and make a copy of your Dragon serial number. before you perform this step.

Be sure that you enter the serial number correctly. Nuance does not use the letter 'O' in any of its serial numbers. Nuance only uses the digit '0'. If you transpose or otherwise enter the serial number incorrectly, Dragon may allow you to proceed with the installation, but the activation process below will indicate that your serial number is invalid and require that you reenter it correctly.

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