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Where To Buy Parks Coffee ##TOP##

Parks Coffee Roastery & Cafe is open for dine in, take out, curbside ordering, Uber Eats delivery, and mobile order and pay with the Parks Coffee app. There's plenty of room to social distance and sip our coffee while staying six feet apart from other guests. Our barista team sanitizes the cafe frequently, and also has increased hand washing. We hope you'll stop by for freshly roasted coffee, handcrafted beverages, or our friendly baristas!

where to buy parks coffee

Parks Coffee is an office coffee service that provides white glove service. This means we come in and cover everything you need from the break room to janitorial supplies, from coffee and coffee equipment to snacks and drinks. We offer our services in 4 divisions:

Parks Coffee was started in 1986. We will have been in business for 30 years this year! We truly are family owned and operated. Randy started this company as a one-man show in his garage. He would make all the runs and his wife helped out with the paperwork. Now we are in 8 cities with 8 warehouses in 4 states: California, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas. We actually service Shreveport, Louisiana as well, but that business is run out of our Dallas office. We started roasting our own coffee in 2003.

Right now we offer 31 blends including hot cocoa, French vanilla cappuccino, flavored coffees, and decaf. We offer top-of-the-line, high-end coffees like our 100% Colombian Supremo, Guatemala Antigua, or our premium Select Estate line of coffees. All of our roasts and blends are 100% Arabica coffees, for high quality and refined flavor. Our biggest movers are the new Darker than Dark and our Sunny Side Up Breakfast Blend. We do offer other brands if customers want them.

Are you concerned about the energy consumption of an ice machine? Again our salespeople will educate you, but we use reputable brands like Hoshizaki and Manitowoc and many of these units are Energy-Star Rated. A high percentage of our customers use both our coffee service and point-of-use water coolers. A customer may start off with only one service but can add on at any time. A lot of our add-ons occur when our drivers make deliveries and can make recommendations to improve the break room environment. For example, if you have more than 5 employees, it is much more economical for you to use a point-of-use water system than the bulky 5-gallon jug delivery service.

Penstock Coffee Roasters is New Jersey\u2019s best wholesale coffee roasting company and retail outlet. We source direct from farms and mills and roast to perfection in Highland Park, New Jersey where we sell in our cafe and wholesale coffee to the finest restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes across the world.

We do not accept returns of product for any reason other than lost or damaged in transit, but we do welcome your feedback and questions and are willing to help you trouble shoot any other reason!

Starting a business with a friend is often frowned upon, and, in some circumstances, even discouraged. I literally never believed this. I vividly remember the first time my friend Ben & I talked about the idea of Golf Park. It was so natural and exciting and, just felt right. Navigating our friendship and business relationship has taken an immense amount of work and communication, but let me tell you--it's worth it. There's no one else who I would rather run this company with. Are there times where tough conversations need to be had? Yes. Has our friendship changed? Yes. Absolutely. It has strengthened--and formed an incredible amount of trust between us. It has to be that way. When choosing your business partners: trust your gut. You'll know.

Staying the course, although important in some cases, doesn't always make sense. Opening a coffee shop was never really in the plans for Golf Park. We were happy to be part of the community, serving coffee at events, festivals, and markets in Lynchburg--all with minimal overhead and minimal risk. Then, an opportunity came our way. One of those opportunities that you can't say no to. We battled with the idea for months before finalizing the deal to open a storefront. It definitely flung us miles out of our comfort zone, but it also made so much sense at the same time. I think that's true of change in general. If it's right - it will stretch us and grow us and ultimately leave us better than where we were.

Surrounding yourself with good people is quite simply the only thing that matters. We have been so lucky to have some of the most quality people buy into our vision and jump on board with what our vision, and, that is truly what has made Golf Park what it is today. Interns, volunteers...and now baristas--all these people contribute to who we are. At the end of the day, Golf Park is so much bigger than just a coffee shop. Our team does life together. We look after each other. We love our customers, and we love our community. Leaving Lynchburg better than how we found it leaks out of everything we do--it has to--why else do this?

Our intern Bram VanderMark spent most of his summer traveling across the US. With each new city visited, he encountered some of the country's best coffee shops. Here is an interview with one of his favorites from his stopover in Denver, CO.

What is Bellwether and what makes it unique?Bellwether is a full coffee house and cocktail bar open 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm on weekdays and 7am to Midnight on the weekends. We wanted Bellwether to feel like a second home while still offering something unique to the community. The barbershop in the back that serves the homeless, neighborhood regulars as well as some of Denver's finest athletes adds an interesting twist and the fact that the coffee we serve is roasted on site makes sure we're putting a great product out that sets us apart. We really want the culture of this place to expand beyond our menu and our walls.

How does Bellwether add value to its community and the culture of Colfax Ave?We love our community and our location on Colfax. The vibe we create caters to all walks of life and it's what we thrive on. Because of our location we are able to fill some amazing community needs such as free coffee and free haircuts to those in need. We want everyone, no matter what walk of life you're from, to feel welcome and accepted here.

Lastly, what's your favorite drink?Our nitro whisky on tap is the only of its kind in the nation. You truly have to taste it to realize what you've been missing out on. And on the coffee side, our house Cortado and our nitro cold Brew are also fan favorites!

Earlier this month, we decided to hop in the car and drive up to Richmond to visit our partner roastery, Blanchard's. We hadn't been since they moved into their new RVA headquarters. Stephen Robertson, of Blanchard's Coffee, greeted us early on a Saturday morning and was kind enough to treat us to a private cupping featuring some of their new coffees.

We loved hearing stories of the Blanchard's team traveling to the different regions where their coffee is sourced - it was so cool to hear about the origin farmers who are growing coffee around the world and their commitment to providing us with the best of the best beans.

Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Company is all about providing education to its community, and we can definitely say that, even in our short morning visit, we felt more knowledgeable and informed about the where and why behind the coffee we use.

Our day-trip was a fantastic reminder of why we do what we do: build community. We left the roasting facility feeling so inspired [possibly a tad coffee-drunk] and excited about the things ahead for GPC.

Tell us about Blanchard's [new] roasting facility & describe its focus on education.We moved into our new space in November of 2015. Obviously, we needed a production space that could accommodate our existing 30-kilo roaster as well as the addition of a new, 35 kilo Loring roaster. We also needed more space to store our ever-growing green coffee inventory needs. Beyond that, our biggest add to our model was a 1000 sq-ft training and education space. Because our model is primarily wholesale roasting for brewers and retailers, we don't have an inherent daily interaction with the people who drink our coffee - something roasters with a retail coffee shop presence enjoy. We wanted to create a space where we could train and educate across the widest possible cross section of our customers - from our own continuing coffee education, to training our clients on the equipment they'll be using in their shops, to teaching the general public how to make a better cup of coffee at home. We open this space up a wide variety of events - most directly related to our coffee, but some just tangentially related to coffee - all with the overarching purpose of building community and conversation on a foundation of a great cup of Blanchard's Coffee.

What inspires you in your current role?My job, on its face, is sales and marketing. Personally, I find nothing about the generic definition of sales and marketing inspiring. With that in mind, I don't approach my role at Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co. with a traditional sales and marketing philosophy. I think everyone at Blanchard's, including myself, approaches their role, first, with a desire to put better coffee in everyone's cups. Beyond that, we all aim to tell a better story, about our company, about the coffee industry as a whole, and about what makes coffee important. We build community, to put it simply, and the rest just happens organically. I never want someone to buy our coffee because I had a good pitch, or my prices beat someone else's prices. I want people to buy our coffee because it tastes great, because it has a great story, because it is traceable, and creates sustainability and resilience throughout the supply chain. I want people to do business with us because they like us and trust us. 041b061a72

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