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OBS Studio 27.0.1

Free download OBS Studio 27.0.1 full version standalone offline installer for Windows PC, it is most famous open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.

OBS Studio 27.0.1

I just installed Arch from scratch After installing the kernel module, obs-studio's integrated virtual camera worked. No issues. In my eyes this module is no longer necessary (apart from that I got python error upon trying to build it).

Regarding Multimedia and audio/video upgrades, Ubuntu Studio brings us Blender 2.93.3, KDEnlive 21.04.3, Krita 4.4.8, Gimp 2.10.24, Ardour 6.9, Scribus 1.5.7, Darktable 3.6.0, Inkscape 1.1, Carla 2.4, Studio Controls 2.2.7, OBS Studio 27.0.1, MyPaint 2.0.1. 041b061a72

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