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[EXCLUSIVE] WordPress Mobile Redirect

I have a mobile site ( and regular site ( The permalinks will be the same for each site e.g. and so it seems like it should be fairly easy to redirect to the same page in the mobile site.

[EXCLUSIVE] WordPress Mobile Redirect

Everyone knows that a simple Javascript redirect will work great, but what if you want the user to end up on a page that has the exact same path name? If you have this redirect, then "" will be redirected to "" - notice how this is not the mobile version of the contact page.

The solution is to have a Javascript snippet in the main header that will tell each page to keep its same pathname when redirected, such as "/contact". The one caveat is that each mobile page must be named the same as the desktop version - /whatever and /whatever.

For WordPress "Simple Mobile URL Redirect, WordPress Mobile Pack For Joomla " Simple Mobile Detection For Magento " URL Redirects For Drupal " Simple Mobile Redirect,Mobile JS Redirect If your website is created in any other CMS, try a Google search for a plugin that helps with mobile redirects for that particular CMS.

If your site is coded in PHP you can use this method to redirect your mobile users. The advantage of using this method is that you are not limited to browsers that run on JavaScript. However, you will have to list multiple user-agents.

Another alternative method of redirecting the mobile user on to your mobile website, based on the MIME type the browser supports, is the .htaccess method. So for instance, if the browser type supports the MIME type that includes WML (Wireless Markup Language), the browser is from a mobile device.

Thus there are many ways to redirect mobile users to your mobile site, as listed above. You can place multiple scripts on your website's head section, say for example the script that detects the screen size as well as the user agents.

But your job is not done until you have your mobile redirects working well for search engine bots as well. Especially, in the case of Google, there are some configurations that you need to do so that they differentiate between the desktop URL and mobile URL.

Once you have placed proper redirects on your site for your mobile users, it is time to test whether the redirects work well for different devices. Testing it manually on any available smartphone device is one way of going about it. But you can also use these mobile emulators to test the correct rendering of your mobile site on different mobile devices.

Remember, the correct use of mobile redirects is a critical step in ensuring your mobile website is search engine friendly. If your website is not redirected well for your mobile users you may also be losing a lot of valuable businesses. Hence, for both SEO as well as positive changes in conversion rates you must take immediate actions to get your website redirected for your mobile users using one of the above methods.

We recommend MalCare, because we have seen many variants of the WordPress website hacked redirect malware. A very common one is when your website is accessed on a mobile device, which points to the malware being in the .htaccess file. Or one we commonly see is the hack on pages, which redirects automatically. This happens when the database has the malware.

In order for Cloudflare's mobile redirection service to work, the domain must be hosted on the Cloudflare platform (both root and www). As an alternative, mobile redirection can be implemented with JavaScript or via plugins and/or modules for your site's framework.

You can detect user agents via JavaScript, then redirect requests to your configured and optimized mobile site. For cache considerations, we do not recommend using cookies that are passed to the backend for mobile theme detection and configuration. For details, see Caching: Advanced Topics.

The Genesis Mobile Redirect plugin allows you to select a page or a custom URL, which you can set as homepage for mobile devices. You set the redirect either for smartphone or for smartphone and tablet. You can also set your custom max width if you want to show the mobile homepage for example on smartphones in combination with iPad mini.

The next file you need to look for is the .htaccess file. This file carries the traces of the WordPress mobile redirect hack, if it exists on your website. You can look for any redirect scripts on this file, and note them for a cleanup.

Therefore to aid countless bloggers and creative individuals on the internet who use WordPress and want to direct their traffic to their mobile site we present a quick hack. The followings steps detail on how you can redirect your mobile traffic to your mobile site:

HiI just uploaded Maintain Blogger Permalinks and links are redirected to blogger short links, but now all my new wordpress links (which are longer) turn to 404, I uninstalled Maintain Blogger Permalinks but still have that problem,,

Will this redirect link EVERYTHING to my new site now? From what I understand these redirects are for internal links that are broken now because of changes with the permalink. What about an external redirect i.e. went from a to a self hosted site. How do I link anything that directed people to old blog, now to new blog?

Hello, great script and works great on mobile devices, however, my tablet (iPad 2017) is being redirected as well. I tried all different things such as disable tablet redirection command but it is still being redirected. I also tried redirecting tablet to a different .php file, but it is redirected to the mobile site. It is almost like the ipad is being detected as mobile phone. Any idea why this is happening? Thank you

So is it possible for me to have this query / redirect placed in my root HTML folder (currently with Media Temple) and then have it detect mobile, tablet or Desktop and serve up the correct URL for each of these viewports? (fyi I am using ReadyMag to build my content rich sites but they have some holes with their mobile fallback and code injection)

Simple method using do_js_redirect(domain, is_l2l) function. You only need to enter the root domain is the script code will be automatically redirected to when visitor by mobile devices. -mobile-devices-using-javascript.php

For example, you create a page whose name is mobile. You want to redirect to this page for mobile devices. For this purpose, you can place the following code on top of the header.php file.

On the front page or homepage in WordPress, users with mobile devices will be redirected to _site_url/mobile. Of course, you can use header('Location: _site_url/mobile'); instead of wp_redirect. Please refer to this WordPress Codex page for wp_redirect.

Back in April 2014, Google clarified their stance on sneaky mobile redirects, but now they are giving webmasters a deeper look into these cases. One has to suspect that Google is seeing more and more cases of unwanted and deceptive redirects affecting mobile users.

The situation can be bad for the user. For example, when the same URL is displayed in the search results pages on desktop and on mobile, and when a user clicks on this result on their desktop computer, the URL opens normally, but when the user clicks on the same result on a smartphone, a redirect occurs sending the user to unrelated URL and web page. This is a frustrating and sometimes unhealthy situation.

(1) Advertising schemes that redirect mobile users specifically: A script/element installed to display ads and monetize content might be redirecting mobile users to a completely different site without the webmaster being aware of it.

Imagine if you had a blog about mobile phones and had an entire category dedicated to Windows Phones. As Windows Phone died, you decided to redirect those articles to your homepage. The only problem is, you would have to create hundreds of redirects manually.

With the amount of people walking around using iPhones or some sort of Blackberry or PDA, it makes sense to provide an alternative landing page for Mobile/Handheld users that is formatted for their device. I was recently hired to create a mobile page by a client and found a great piece of code to help with the whole redirection issue.The folks over at Detect Mobile Browsers have developed a great tool that checked to see if a user has reached your site through a Mobile/Handheld device, and if so will redirect to the page your choice.

A site owner could attempt to replicate the redirection that was reported by a customer, only to see that everything looks fine to them on their computer. Site visitors on mobile platforms might at the very same time experience malicious activity. The redirect might happen on some pages and not others. Or, it might happen before the site even loads. 350c69d7ab

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