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[FS9 FSX P3D X-Plane] Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 1701 Free Download [HOT]

our navdata product is sourced from jeppesen, a professional navdata provider for major airlines worldwide. the source data is tested and parsed into different data formats adapted to specific addon software designed to increase the realism of flight simulation. to get started, read more about the coverage and then subscribe, and when you are ready you can download data in the various addon formats using our navdata apps, or, if you prefer, our individual data installers. with a subsciption you can also get current data in our simbrief product, and a wide range of direct integrations including x-plane mobile and volanta.

[FS9 FSX P3D X-Plane] Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 1701 free download

we release new navdata according to the airac cycle which is numbered yynn (where yy is the two last digits of the year and nn is the cycle number). a cycle is 28 days, thus there are 13 cycles in a year. the table below contains the planned release dates for the next few years.

navigraph airac cycle 1701 cycle 1701 is now available for download! launch the fms data manager to update your addons. in addition, the charts available through our charts apps have also been updated. in this cycle we start supporting prosimutils, which simulates datalink(acars/cpdlc) for p3d and fsx, sending flight plan and performance data from pfpx and topcat to the cdu. fms data - manual install the recommended way to download data is through the fms data manager software, which is available for windows, mac and linux. manual installer downloads are provided here for legacy reasons, and as a backup routine if there are any issues with updating through the manager. click the download button to download a particular dataset to your computer. the access button downloads an access code which you can use to unlock services based on navigraph fms data hosted on other servers. if you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so before the download starts. upon login you may also be asked how you would like to pay for the data. to download fms data you need a subscription to our fms data services. subscriptions are available both as yearly and monthly plans, and can also be bundled with charts. see the subscription page for the different options and pricing. please note: this page does not support download manager software which throttles download speed. all files are created dynamically upon request and are watermarked with information identifying the logged in user. popup blocking software can also potentially interfere with the download service. please refer to our support forum for help. download

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