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[S2E8] Simon Says Game Over

Simone is more on her game. If it went another way, then her tennis career would have been over and she probably would have not been able to be part of certain communities on campus; it would have been on her record. For [Simone], it puts a fire under her ass to be honest. It makes her more committed and dedicated. It plays into her energy behind the game, how she attacks the game, and also what she prioritizes. The shift that occurs within her impacts everyone around her, especially her loved ones. She's taking a step up in her career and what she wants out of life, and she's going to blossom as she approaches sophomore year.

[S2E8] Simon Says Game Over

Alan Light: He is a writer in that way that he labors over what these lyrics are, line by line, word by word, throws a lot away, spends a great deal of time, and Hallelujah, famously out of all of these, is probably the song that, that he says bedeviled him the most.

Zoey walks into Simon's office, and he says he thought she ghost him since she didn't text him back. Zoey asks Simon for advice on what to do about her brother lying to his wife, and Simon says to cut him some slack. Zoey asks Simon if he is alright, and Simon confides in her that his dad's birthday is in a few days, which is bringing up some grief. Later, Zoey drops off a grief kit in Simon's office for him, including a pillow to scream into, tequila, a hammer, and OREOs. Simon tells Zoey he loves it and also notes that Jessica got them tickets to the Warriors game to support him. Zoey checks in on Simon on his dad's birthday and says she is there if he needs her. That night, Simon shows up at Zoey's apartment and says that while looking through old emails from his dad, he wondered if he could have stopped his dad's death. Zoey tells Simon that feeling guilty won't help him move forward, and Simon thanks her for being real. Simon almost leans in for a kiss, but ultimately pulls back and starts singing "Should I Stay Or Should I Go." At the end of the song, Zoey has her back against the door while Simon leans over her, their faces very close together.

Having just sung "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" to Zoey, Simon leans over her with his hand on her door. Zoey tells him he should go, and he does. At SPRQ Point the next day, Zoey walks into Simon's office and tells him that Jessica has been trying to contact her. She says she feels uncomfortable and will not be going to Simon's engagement party. Simon seems upset but tells Zoey to let him talk to Jessica. When Zoey shows up at the engagement party, Jessica mentions that Simon loved the slideshow which Zoey helped with. After Jessica walks away, Zoey awkwardly greets Simon and says she hopes it's okay that she's at the party. Simon says it's okay and that he hopes they can stay friends. Zoey tells Simon to enjoy his night, and Simon thanks her for everything. When Simon clinks his glass and starts giving a toast to Jessica, she sings "Say My Name" to him. After the toast, Simon interrupts Jessica's confrontation of Zoey and asks what is going on. Simon tries to explain why he was at Zoey's apartment, but Jessica says she'll talk to him later. After Zoey burns the rose wall down, Jessica asks her and Simon if they are sleeping together, and Simon says he was just upset about his dad. Simon and Jessica begin arguing about Simon's dad. After the party has ended, Simon tries making amends with Jessica, but she tells him to clean up and that they can talk later. Simon sweeps up the mess from the burnt rose wall.

Simon walks into Zoey's office and greets her as his boss. Zoey enjoys the revelation that she is Simon's boss and accidentally makes a sexual innuendo. Simon tells Zoey that the new SPRQ Point Watch update is blowing up and shows her a video of a man saying his SPRQ Point Watch is burning his wrist off. Later, when the fourth floor meets with Danny Michael Davis via video chat, Simon suggests that they frame the problem with the SPRQ Point Watch as one of overreach. Impressed by Simon's idea, Danny appoints him as the new PR Spokesperson for SPRQ Point. Simon is surprised by this and notes that his background is in marketing, but enthusiastically accepts. When Simon asks Zoey for the odds that the coders would have a fix for the watch issue, Zoey says she thinks pretty high. However, after seeing Leif perform "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing," Zoey walks back her words to Simon.

Zoey invites all of the 4th floor to her 30th birthday party. After seeing Max and Rose sing, Zoey talks to Max about their relationship status, telling him that he feelings for Simon have also resurfaced. Simon helped put together a spread of Zoey related food on the food bar. Zoey breaks the news that Zoey is cancelling her party, disappointing her coworkers, leading them all to sing "Don't Leave Me This Way", to which she excitedly throws candy in the air, saying the party is back on. When Simon brings Tatiana to the party, she awkwardly excuses herself and is visibly disappointed when she sees Tatiana sing to Simon during "Kiss Me". As Tatiana leaves, Zoey asks if her and Simon are together. Tatiana says that she is attracted to him but sees that he clearly is into Zoey. Simon and Max stay to help clean up. Simon and Zoey have a moment while everyone leaves the room. David asks if Simon wants to be in a band together, and Simon quickly shuts that idea down. On her actual birthday, Zoey tells Mo that she invited Simon over. When he is over, Simon presents to her a Cheesequake with a candle in it and he sings "Into You" to her, it ending in them kissing.

Victor asks her to be cautious and to take someone for cover. She says she will call Max. Victor is not happy that she's talking to the werewolf, but Mia says she does not care about their feud and Max is her friend.

Is it this episode or episode two where someone says "touch base?" (There actually was a short-lived Israeli Baseball League over a decade ago, but it had no teams in Galilee.) Overall I have come to simply accept this is as a stylistic choice made by the writers, but sometimes it still is too much.

Given that this episode covers no more than 24 hours\u2014in the next episode, which picks up right where this one leaves off, Matthew says the Sermon on the Mount took place \u201Cyesterday\u201D\u2014there is simply no time for Andrew to have traveled all the way to Machaerus, much less back again, within this episode\u2019s timeframe.

The TARDIS materialises inside a "Sanctuary Base" meant for deep-space expeditions. The Tenth Doctor notes that the TARDIS didn't seem to want to land here, as if there was something wrong. Rose suggests they leave. However, both immediately laugh at the idea; since when have they left after encountering something unknowable? They follow a corridor out into an open area that looks like a canteen and discover the words "Welcome to Hell" written above lines of unknown characters scribbled on the wall. The Doctor says that it must be incredibly old, as the TARDIS is unable to translate it.

When Toby, Rose, and the Doctor enter the habitation they find the searchers looking frantically. Ida is calling all the habitations looking for Scooti. Jefferson then reports that Scooti is still missing while Zach continues by saying that her biochip says she is in Habitation 3. Then the Doctor sadly says he found her. Scooti is floating outside in the vacuum. Jefferson reports her death to Zach. Ida then goes over to the control to close the overhead, saying Scooti was only twenty years old. Scooti floats away towards the black hole, spinning as the door closes. Jefferson recites a verse from a poem: "And how can man die better/ Than facing fearful odds/ For the ashes of his fathers/ And the temples of his gods."

Meanwhile, in the base, Danny calls from where he is monitoring the Ood to report that the Ood's telepathic field has risen dangerously to Basic 100. Basic 100 is high enough to induce brain death, but they are obviously still alive. Ida reports the edge of the massive door is covered in the ancient symbols and they ask Toby if he's translated any. Toby says he knows what it says, and he looks up at Jefferson and Rose through red eyes in a symbol covered face. He says they are the words of the Beast. He then taunts Jefferson before the symbols flow from his face to the Ood. Toby faints, and the different groups of red eyed Ood begin to speak and advance. They identify themselves as the Legion of the Beast and recite his verses as they begin to advance on the crew members. The security guard with Danny is electrocuted by a translator ball. Danny runs. In the other chamber, Jefferson, Rose, and their guard retreat.

Sheldon, Raj and Leonard are arguing about what to watch on TV. Sheldon suggests Saturn 3. Raj wants Deep Space Nine. Leonard, trying to be funny, suggests Babylon 5 as a compromise. Raj suggests rock_paper_scissorsrock, paper, scissors. Sheldon says there is too much chance of a tie, and suggests Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. As they tie anyway, Howard enters wearing an eye-patch; it's his latest technique for picking up womenchicks. Howard explains that this costume along with his negs (Negative Compliments meant to throw a woman off their game) are all a part of his plan to pick up women. He then tries it on Penny, but miserably fails.

Back to television, Sheldon doesn't want to watch The Clone Wars TV-series until he's seen The Clone Wars movie, so that George Lucas can disappoint him in the order which he intended. Leonard still wants to watch it, and when Sheldon offers to play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock for it, Leonard caves in. They get an urgent call from Howard who is at the Mars rover lab and says he's in trouble. As they head to the university to help Howard, Raj and Sheldon debate whether Star Trek The Motion Picture or Star Trek 5 is the worst of the series, and whether Star Trek 4 or Star Trek 2 was the best.

The two meet up yet again in Season 2 episode 8 Welcome to the Occupation when Annie is called to handle a hostage situation and is unknowingly paired up with Ben to do so. The two successfully handle the hostage mission and when the two prepare to leave, Ben invites her to spend some quiet time on a beach with a cabin which Annie politely declines and Ben hopefully suggests, "Maybe next time." Annie then smiles at him and says that "goodbyes are overrated" but she's "glad they got one this time" before kissing him on the cheek. Ben then tells her that there's "something different about her" and Annie agrees telling him, "Maybe so" before leaving in the airplane as he stares after her. 041b061a72

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