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Canopus Astrologia

Canopus is the second-brightest star in the sky after Sirius. It is known to the ancients as the 'Bright Star' and was first called Arcturus by Diasios, (died 336BCE) according to Ptolemy. Because he did not know what was the brightest star in the sky, he wrote Arcturus instead of Canopus. When Chinese astronomers first began to study Canopus they called it Arcturus.

Canopus Astrologia


On my return to Britain, I bought my Canopus Astrology book. I spent many hours studying it and browsing the specialist web pages. I also researched many concepts into which I now want to dig more deeply in the coming years. Among these are: The Demiurge; The Power of the Hexagram; the Propitious, Neapolitan and Tetrarchic Lines; the Chironic, Phallus/Prismatic Plane; Pluto the Dark Lunar Underworld; Aries the Dawning Sun; Magi; and a premonition of the Blackening of The Moon in September 2011.

The following image is of Sirius, of which the dazzling star of Canopus was named by the Greeks, who lived in its region, around 30 degrees to the north of its current position. (The Greeks placed Canopus in the Dogstar constellation of Canes Venatici, a constellation which was later split into Orion and Auriga.) In later times, the star gradually moved to the east. Today, it is 20.2 light years distant from the Sun. The star is, however, not visible in the daytime, because it is much too close to the Sun. Sirius is in reality the second brightest star in the sky, but it has the lowest surface temperature, because it is 400 times more massive than the Sun.

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