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How to Play Assassin’s Creed: Unity – RELOADED CODEX Online with Friends

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX: A Review

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX is a repack of the popular action-adventure game Assassins Creed Unity, which was released in 2014 by Ubisoft. The game is set in Paris during the French Revolution and follows the story of Arno Dorian, a young assassin who becomes involved in a centuries-old conflict between the Assassins and the Templars.

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX

The RELOADED CODEX version of Assassins Creed Unity includes the base game, all the updates and patches, and all the DLCs that were released for the game. The DLCs are:

  • Dead Kings: A story expansion that takes place after the main game and explores the mysteries of the Saint-Denis Basilica.

  • Revolutionary Armaments Pack: A weapon pack that adds 6 new weapons to the game.

  • Secrets of the Revolution: A mission pack that adds 3 new missions to the game.

  • American Prisoner: A bonus mission that was exclusive to pre-orders.

  • Chemical Revolution: A bonus mission that was exclusive to pre-orders.

  • Killed by Science: A bonus mission that was exclusive to pre-orders.

The RELOADED CODEX version also features a crack that allows you to play the game without any DRM or online activation. You can also unlock Uplay rewards and achievements with a special tool that is included in the repack. The repack is 100% lossless and MD5 perfect, which means that all the files are identical to the original ones after installation. The repack also has a selective download feature, which lets you choose which components you want to download and install.

How to Download and Install Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX

If you want to download and install Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX, you will need a torrent client and a file extractor. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download the torrent file from one of the mirrors provided by FitGirl Repacks or Codex Reloaded. You can find them on their official websites or on other torrent sites.

  • Open the torrent file with your torrent client and start downloading. The total size of the repack is 51.2 GB, but you can reduce it to 31.2 GB if you skip some components.

  • Once the download is finished, extract the files from the archive using a file extractor like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will need at least 50 GB of free space on your hard drive for installation.

  • Run setup.exe from the extracted folder and follow the instructions. You can change the language of the game in the settings.

Copy the cracked content from the /Crack folder to your game installation folder. You can also use

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX: Gameplay and Features

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience that lets you explore the historical Paris in stunning detail. You can climb, parkour, and stealth your way through the city, as well as engage in dynamic combat with various weapons and skills. You can also customize your character's appearance, equipment, and abilities to suit your playstyle.

The game features a main story campaign that follows Arno's quest to uncover the truth behind the Templar conspiracy and the French Revolution. You can also play optional side missions that expand the lore and the world of the game. Some of these missions include murder mysteries, treasure hunts, Paris stories, and Nostradamus enigmas.

One of the most notable features of Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX is the co-op mode, which allows you to team up with up to three other players online and take on special co-op missions. These missions have different objectives and challenges that require teamwork and coordination. You can also explore the open world with your friends and participate in activities such as heists, tavern brawls, and public executions.

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX: Reception and Criticism

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX received mixed reviews from critics and players alike. The game was praised for its graphics, atmosphere, story, characters, customization, and co-op mode. However, it was also criticized for its technical issues, bugs, glitches, performance problems, and lack of innovation. The game was also controversial for its depiction of historical events and figures, as well as its microtransactions and DLC practices.

The game sold over 10 million copies worldwide and was nominated for several awards, such as Best Action/Adventure Game at The Game Awards 2014 and Best Visual Design at the Golden Joystick Awards 2014. The game also received several updates and patches that fixed some of the issues and added new content, such as a free DLC called Dead Kings that added a new story chapter and a new location.

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX is a game that has its flaws but also its merits. It is a game that offers a captivating story, a beautiful world, and a fun co-op mode. It is a game that deserves a chance to be played and enjoyed by fans of the series and newcomers alike.

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX: Pros and Cons

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX is a repack that has many advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:


  • It saves you a lot of time and bandwidth, as you don't have to download the original game and all the updates and DLCs separately.

  • It gives you the freedom to choose which components you want to download and install, depending on your preferences and system requirements.

  • It allows you to play the game without any DRM or online activation, which can be a hassle for some players.

  • It includes a tool that lets you unlock Uplay rewards and achievements, which can enhance your gameplay experience.

  • It preserves the quality and integrity of the game files, as they are not ripped or re-encoded.


  • It may not be compatible with some antivirus software or firewalls, which can block or delete some of the files.

  • It may not work with some mods or trainers, which can cause crashes or errors.

  • It may not receive any future updates or patches from Ubisoft, which can affect the stability and performance of the game.

  • It may not support online multiplayer or co-op mode, which can limit your options and fun.

  • It may not be legal in some countries or regions, which can get you in trouble with the law.

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX: Conclusion

Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX is a repack that offers a convenient and enjoyable way to play Assassins Creed Unity on your PC. It has many benefits and drawbacks that you should consider before downloading and installing it. It is a repack that is suitable for players who want to save time and space, who don't mind playing offline, and who want to experience the game with all its content and features. It is not a repack that is suitable for players who want to play online, who want to use mods or trainers, and who want to stay updated with the latest versions of the game. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED CODEX is worth it or not. ca3e7ad8fd

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