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Convert .Wma To .Mp3 For Mac PATCHED

To play WMA in iTunes or QuickTime Player on Mac, you can choose to convert WMA to MP3 or WAV. Here in this post, we have made a list of 5 best WMA converters for Mac for you to choose from. You can check the main features of each Mac WMA converter and then make your choice.

Convert .Wma To .Mp3 For Mac

Free Online Video Converter is a video and audio converting tool which allows you to free convert WMA to MP3, M4A, ALAC, FLAC, and more on Mac. It highly supports any popular video formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV, and more. It can work as an easy-to-use WMA converter for Mac.

This free WMA converter for Mac has no limit to your file size. It carries a batch conversion feature to help you convert two or more WMA files at a time. Besides the basic converting function, it allows you to edit your video or audio file and adjust its output effect. This online WMA converter is compatible with any frequently-used browser including Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox, and more.

Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful media file converter which enables you to convert any video and audio file without quality loss. It can work as a great WMA converter for both Mac and Windows computer. Any frequently-used video and audio formats are supported by this converter tool, such as WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, AIFF, AMR, AU, WMV, MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, and more. It has the capability to convert WMA while still keeping the original sound quality.

MediaHuman Audio Converter is a free WMA converter for both Mac and Windows PC. It is able to free convert WMA to MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, AIFF, etc. or convert music to WMA with high quality. It highly supports all key audio formats. This WMA converter for Mac is designed with a simple and and intuitive interface which offers you a convenient WMA converting experience.

VLC media player is an open source and all-featured media files playing tool which also has the converting feature. It can be a good WMA converter for Mac to make the audio conversion from WMA to MP3, AAC, M4A, and more. In fact, it allows you to directly open and play a WMA file on your Mac.

To convert WMA file on Mac with VLC, you can launch it and click the File option on the menu bar. Then choose the Convert/Stream option from the drop-down list. After that, you can import your WMA file and make the conversion. VLC media player can give you a WMA audio converting without any ads, spyware, and user tracking.

CloudConvert is a very popular online file converting tool. It supports nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation formats. It can work as a WMA audio converter for you to convert your WMA files on Mac. As a WMA converter for Mac, it can offer you a high quality conversion. More importantly, it guarantees the data security.

Owing to these advantages of WMA format, we can easily see, if we are looking forward to a better listening experience of either our music or audiobooks, in most cases, a preferred choice is by converting our MP3 audio files to WMA ones. And in this article we are going to offer you two methods of converting MP3 to WMA.

VideoProc Converter is a powerful video converter for Windows and Mac. It will assist you in converting the MP3 audio file to WMA audio file within a few clicks. As VideoProc Converter has many advanced functions of audio conversion listed below:

Though working as audio and video file player, Windows Media Player can also help you convert MP3 to WMA. The whole process including two parts of ripping the MP3 audio file to your CD at first and later saving it as a WMV file on your computer. So you need to know that it is not a very direct and convenient way like VideoProc Converter. Besides, the entire burning and ripping process is tediously long and complicated. In particular, if you don't master at every step, you'll risk ruining the whole transition and waste a bunch of your time as you must do it all over again. Anyway, here are the detailed steps.

From the above comparison, it is obvious that VideoProc Converter is a far more user-friendly converting program than the Windows Media Player, as it is simple to operate, it offers powerful functions, and it can accomplish the conversion at an accelerated speed. So why not give ti a try and enjoy your refreshed converting experience now?

Switch Audio Converter FeaturesConvert between 75+ audio file formats Music tags preserved for supporting formats (e.g., MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and OGG) Import and convert a playlist (M3U and PLS) Extract audio from DVDs and video files (e.g., AVI, MOV, MPEG) Access online database to add song information Listen to tracks prior to conversion Batch convert many audio files at once Convert from multiple file formats at one time Use your right click menu to convert audio files directly from Windows Explorer Automatically normalize audio while converting MP3 encoder for constant or variable bit rates WAV encoder and FLAC converter supports a range of sample rates Use as a command line plugin for automation with software to convert or compress audio files Equalize audio as you convert files Use dynamic range compression to limit the volume range of an audio file Switch Top FeaturesConvert Audio FormatsSupports converting between all popular audio file formats.

Audio Converter Power FeaturesExtract audio from DVD Convert music from MIDI to MP3, WAV, etc. Normalize audio levels Batch convert thousands of filesTypical Audio Converter ApplicationsConvert audio files for your iPod, phone or tablet Compress audio files to save hard drive space Convert to MP3 or M4R for use as a ringtone Convert audio files not supported by other software Extract sound bites from video files or DVDs Open formats not supported by your sound editor Create compressed MP3 files for easy online sharing Convert audio files to M4B to create audiobooksPopular Audio Format ConversionsSwitch supports more than 75 different file formats, and is often used as an MP3 converter or a WAV file converter. Below is the list of some of the popular conversions you can carry out. For the full list of supported formats, click here.

I have unless 14K wma files spread in many directories. So, I don't want to move them. Just convert them keeping filename and metadata, and delete them, if it would be possible to read the list of the files to convert from a txt file that I can create, one file per line. With this, I would manage to make the recursive search, an paste into it.

PS: Soundconverter used to be good, but slow. Now neither one or the other. Doesn't work in 14.04 in many cases, like mine. I'm using Soundkonverter but is very slow. So, all this for preventing this recommendations. And I want to learn to use this powerful ffmpeg! and the CLI

NOTE: The script here below, was working in the first convertions. But for any reason that I cant explain, suddenly deleted the wma's in conversion, without leaving the mp3. So, I changed again to "unsolved" (to prevent occasionally problem to someone's else). The problem seems coming from avconv " Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 0: 23606 >= 21720"(there are pastebins in the comments if there is someone interested in developing this bug). So, no avconv in the future.

Once this is done, all your files should start converting and the wma originals should get deleted! This worked great for me converting flac files to mp3. Unfortunately I don't have any wma to test, but I expect it should do fine for those as well.

If you plan to often convert Wma to mp3, the below script automatically convert and delete everything in the folder given as an argument, It improves a bit the above-mentioned. In addition, the ffmpeg command is a bit different than the first proposed, if the first one does not work, use the below one.

I found a neat way to do this with mplayer. This script will rename the files to remove all blank spaces in the names of the files and will recursively convert all .wma files in the current directory to .mp3:

fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper with support for various popular formats and encoders. It converts freely between MP3, M4A/AAC, FLAC, WMA, Opus, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Monkey's Audio (APE), WavPack, WAV and other formats.

With fre:ac you easily rip your audio CDs to MP3 or M4A files for use with your hardware player or convert files that do not play with other audio software. You can even convert whole music libraries retaining the folder and filename structure.

Question:My friend sent me a load of great songs ripped from his old CDs. The problem is that all these songs are in WMA format which cannot be played in iTunes on my Mac. How can I convert a wma file to mp3 on Mac?

Solution: We cannot play WMA files on Mac with iTunes. To listen to WMA music on iMac, MacBook Pro/Air, you can either install a WMA player or convert WMA audio files to MP3, WAV, AAC or other Mac's supported audio formats. Here we will show you how to convert WMA to MP3 on macOS High Sierra, Sierra, OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks and more.

Windows Media Player is the default application for ripping CDs on Windows and, of course, the default output is WMA (Windows Media Audio). On Windows computer, you can use iTunes to convert WMA to MP3, but you can't convert a WMA with iTunes for Mac or with Audacity on Mac.

Therefore, to change WMA to MP3 with iTunes, you can use iTunes on a Win PC to convert the WMA files to MP3, then transfer the files to Macintosh so that you can listen to the music on Mac. If you don't have access to a Win PC or find it too troublesome to transfer music from PC to Mac, you may use a WMA converter on Mac to convert WMA to MP3/AAC for iTunes.

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate (Mac) (opens new window) can convert WMA to MP3 on Mac (Sierra, El Capitan, etc.), provided the WMA is NOT DRM protected. This WMA to MP3 converter for Mac can convert WMA files to MP3 files in a very easy way so that you can enjoy WMA music on Mac. Moreover, it can also convert WMA to WAV (opens new window), convert WMA to M4A/AAC and more.

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