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IPOS0000001 Introduction: IPOS0000001 is the unique identification code, also known as the IFSC code, assigned to the India Post Payments Bank IMPS branch. This branch, located in New Delhi, Delhi, is an important entity under the India Post Payments Bank. In this article, we will provide an overview of the branch, including its branch name, contact number, MICR code, SWIFT code, and other pertinent details.

IPOS0000001 Address And Location

The India Post Payments Bank IMPS branch is conveniently located at Post Office, Speed Post Centre Building, Market Road, New Delhi, Central Delhi, Delhi 110001, India. Being situated in the heart of Delhi, the branch serves as a hub for IMPS transactions and other banking services.

The branch offers a range of services, including account opening, money transfers, bill payments, and more. Customers can also access banking services through various channels, including mobile banking, internet banking, and ATMs.

IPOS0000001 Branch Name – India Post Payments Bank IMPS

The India Post Payments Bank IMPS branch is an integral part of the India Post Payments Bank. It serves as a key entity in facilitating efficient and secure payments through the IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) system.

IPOS0000001 Bank Name – India Post Payments Bank

India Post Payments Bank is a government-owned payment bank in India. It provides a wide range of banking services to both rural and urban customers, leveraging the vast postal network of India Post. The bank aims to offer accessible and affordable banking solutions to individuals across the country.

Contact Number – +911123362148

Customers can contact the India Post Payments Bank IMPS branch by dialing the provided contact number. The dedicated customer service team is available to assist customers with their banking queries, account-related services, and other concerns.

MICR Code – Not available

The MICR Code for the India Post Payments Bank IMPS branch is currently not available. MICR codes are used for the secure and efficient processing of cheques in electronic form, ensuring accurate and reliable transaction processing.


The SWIFT code, IDDIIND1, is an internationally recognized bank identifier code assigned to India Post Payments Bank. It is used for international wire transfers and is a standard format recognized by financial institutions worldwide.

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