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Infopath With Sharepoint 2013 How-to Pdf 23

Anyway, what you CAN do is rename your .xsn infopath template to .cab and open it. You'll find that all InfoPath views are nicely stored as .xsl stylesheets. So what you can do is perform a transformation of the .xml data file your infopath template saved with that .xsl file and you'll have some nice html that you can convert into a .pdf with a 3rd party component like:

infopath with sharepoint 2013 how-to pdf 23

I found using the email submit option in infopath was a good way to send people completed, read only forms. It works with Outlook 2003/2007, but not sure about other email clients. Once it is on the clients machine, they can pdf it at their leisure.

Yes I did get a solution. Basicallly I only process Print Views as they don't have any of the nasty xDocument stuff that I can't deal with. I have built a component that does the following:Locate the XSN document from the Pre Processor directives in the infopath XML file.Download the XSNExtract the contents as it is a CAB formatParse the manifest file and locate all the Views.Identify the Print View XSLT and transform it with the XML to give us HTML.I then use Winnovative Html to PDF converter to generate a PDF. As I have extracted the image files, the Winnovative component also renders them in the PDF which is great.I then stream the result back to the browser for the user to save.Just a note on the Office Addin. We could not get that to work successfully as a server side solution and cannot explain why.

we trying to explore infopath(xml) files convert into PDF. We had SharePoint list with custom infopath. Daily users submit the form for access. our goal was when user submitted the form, its need to convert into PDF form and then that PDF file need to send IT Team via email. Means first xml file need to convert PDF and then sending email with PDF file. Is it possible to infopath only (or) SharePoint workflow need it? Can anyone share guidance how to achieve our request.Thanks in Advance.

InfoPath is designed to make it easy to build rich forms-based applications on the Microsoft SharePoint Server platform. Microsoft InfoPath 2013 in conjunction with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and InfoPath Forms Services has many features for developers. InfoPath Forms Services, which is available in SharePoint Server 2013, enables you to deploy an InfoPath form template to a SharePoint Server so that users without the InfoPath rich client can open and fill out InfoPath forms in a Web browser.

The Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications IDE that was integrated with InfoPath 2010 has been removed in InfoPath 2013. To write or edit form code in InfoPath 2013 now requires Visual Studio 2012 with the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2012 add-on installed. The programming experience itself has not fundamentally changed, but you can now use the full Visual Studio development experience when writing managed code for your InfoPath forms.

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