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The Cut 'LINK'

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of their songwriting partnership, Elton John and Bernie Taupin gave new filmmakers the chance to create the official music videos for three iconic Elton hits. A panel of industry renowned judges selected three winning filmmakers who went on to receive support from YouTube and top production studios to bring their ideas to life.

The Cut

Since finding Cut Buddy, single father Jason has been able to give himself a haircut that gives him that fresh-from-the-barber confidence. Jason is also able to give his son a haircut with ease, which is great because Jason's son is uncomfortable in loud barbershops due to his autism. Things are great with Jason now. He recently landed a great trucking job, has plans to mentor at-risk youth in his hometown this summer, and has a date this Saturday night.

Cutting your hair at home is a fantastic way to save money, however, cutting your own hair can be quite a challenge that quickly becomes a horrible mishap. The Cut Buddy is here to save you time, effort, money, and embarrassment.Nobody enjoys spending weeks re-growing the bald patch in their beard or figuring out how to hide a hard line in their hair. With The Cut Buddy's genius haircut template, you'll never have to wear a hat for a month while your hair grows out again. As seen in Forbes, GQ, Huff Post, ABC News, on Shark Tank, and across the country, your number one home hair care solution is here to help step up your grooming game!

The Darkling first learns to use the Cut at 13 years old. He kills Lev and Annika with the Cut in a fight, after they tried to kill him and take his bones as an amplifier. He realizes that everyone in the village will blame him for their deaths and fears that he and his mother will be discovered as amplifiers, so he then uses the Cut on himself, giving the impression that the wounds had been made by otkazat'sya swords.[3]

The Darkling uses the Cut to kill a drüskelle before he can kill Alina Starkov.[4] The Darkling later attempts to use the Cut to kill Morozova's stag, but turns his body at the last moment to avoid killing Alina, who throws herself in front of the stag.[5] Alina eventually unlocks this ability and uses it to destroy the Darkling's sandskiff, as she escapes the Fold with Mal.[6]

When the Darkling attacks Alina with his nichevo'ya, she uses the Cut to make them burn away to nothing, but isn't able to stop them all.[7][8] After Alina arrives at the Little Palace to take over the Second Army, she uses the Cut on the inner dome to stop them from bickering.[9]

Alina is ready to use the Cut to kill the Priestguards threatening to attack her friends, but Malyen Oretsev jumps in front of her, making her draw back. Instead, she uses the Cut to slice through a long table and open a dark trench in the floor before the Priestguards.[12] When they are attacked in the woods, Alina uses the Cut to kill a man who was about to attack Mal; she is so shocked at having killed someone that she throws up.[13]

While training with Baghra, Alina becomes powerful enough to use the Cut to split an entire mountain in half.[14] She later visits the Darkling in his mind, and he uses the Cut to sever the connection.[15]

When Nikolai Lantsov is attacked by the nichevo'ya, Alina obliterates one side of the terrace with the Cut, but misses the shadows the Darkling creates. She also smashes the crates the Darkling's Squallers send flying at her before they can do any damage.[16]

Before the creation of the Shadow Fold, one of the soldiers of the King's Army managed to capture the Darkling's partner, Luda, and kill her. Enraged by her death, he used the Cut, killing nearly a dozen of the King's men.[17]

General Kirigan rescues Alina Starkov on the road to the Little Palace, where her carriage is attacked by drüskelle, one of whom manages to pull Alina from the wagon and drag her into the field. Armed with a hatchet, the drüskelle raises his hand to Alina, but before he can bring his hand down, General Kirigan arrives and slices the man in two with the Cut.[18]

Later, after Alina has escaped the Little Palace, General Kirigan and his team track the Crows down to Ryevost, where Kirigan comes face to face with Kaz Brekker. He asks where they've stashed Alina. Kaz reveals that she fled on her own and that he doesn't know where she is. Kirigan calls on the Cut and slashes in Kaz's direction, but Kaz dodges the attack with a smoke bomb and flees.[19]

The Cut Powered by Andis is a full-service salon, spa and barbering studio in Burlington, Wisconsin operated by Gateway Cosmetology and Barber Technologist students under the supervision of a licensed professional instructor and open to both students and the general public. Services include shampoos and styles, scalp treatments, haircuts, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, hair coloring, facials and more. Discounted professional products are also sold at The Cut. Services are half price to any current college students with a valid college ID, and all haircuts and facial shaves are free!

Enjoy libations at our one of our drink tents. We will have beer provided by Anheuser Busch and Ravenna Brewing, seltzers provided by San Juan Seltzer, wine, and mixed drinks.

Nite Wave - Known for their high energy show, Nite Wave performs 80's hits from Duran Duran, INXS, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Cure, New Order, Prince, Depeche Mode and more! Most noted for being handpicked by Billy Idol to open for the legendary '80s rocker, they have also performed with Tiffany, Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go's, When in Rome (The Promise) and 90s Platinum artist Everclear. They have been featured on CNN and Good Morning America and have helped raise over $17,000 for Northwest Harvest and American Red Cross.

LOS ANGELES -- After dazzling the crowd at Riviera Country Club on Thursday with three straight birdies in his final three holes to shoot 2-under in his first PGA Tour round in over 844 days, things looked a bit different for Tiger Woods on Friday. He shot a 3-over 74 to finish the first two rounds at 1-over. It was still enough for him to make the cut.

Mark Schlabach: In terms of walking and his swing, not much looked different from Thursday to Friday. I think playing on Friday wasn't as much fun, and he didn't seem to be interacting with his playing partners, Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy, as much as he did a day earlier. Woods did seem to make a point to interact with the fans. I think his frustration with his putting probably drained him of some of the adrenaline he had in the opening round. I couldn't believe Woods actually admitted that he had butterflies and nerves on Thursday.

Paolo Uggetti: Woods wasn't that noticeably worse when walking around Riviera on Friday, but as the birdies stopped dropping on the back nine, he seemed to slow down his walk a bit. After missing the fairway right on the ninth hole (his last hole of the day) he was the last to walk up the fairway in his group, and he took his time with seemingly every step. Given that the turnaround from Thursday to Friday was a quick one that, as Woods said, required plenty of ice and treatment overnight, it was no surprise he may have slowed down and experienced more discomfort in the second round. Endurance will continue to be his biggest test this week and beyond.

Schlabach: I think it was absolutely best pairing Woods could have asked for to get his competitive juices flowing again. He really seems to love poking JT and Rory when he drives the ball past them. It doesn't sit well with them that a 47-year-old player who has undergone myriad surgeries on his back, neck, knees and right leg can still smash a ball past them.

Uggetti: Apparently a lot. Maybe it's the long time away from the game or the fact that Woods is in a different stage of his career, but it seemed that he was more willing to admit how much fun he had playing with two of his closest friends as well as with Thomas's caddie, Jim "Bones" Mackay.

Schlabach: After all of his surgeries, I think it's absolutely remarkable that Woods is still averaging more than 300 yards off the tee. Most players in their late 40s aren't hitting that far, even ones who haven't faced the medical issues Woods has. In the second round, he had 364-yard drives on the third and 15th holes and a 325-yarder on the first.

In the first two rounds, Woods averaged 301 yards off the tee, which will be close to ranking in the top 25 in the field. McIlroy, one of the longest hitters on tour, averaged 310.5 yards. Thomas averaged 295.8.

Woods' ball speed was in the 170 mph to 180 mph range on Friday. He said he can no longer push off the ground to create explosion because of his surgically repaired right leg, foot and ankle. He's using a lot of core strength, but has to be careful doing that because of his fused back.

"There's things technically that we have found that work, but if I try and step on it and use the ground, it just doesn't happen anymore," Woods said. "But if I step on it and use my core too much, then my back's not very good. I've got to be very careful in how I go about that. But yes, this is what I've been doing at home, this is the speed I've been hitting it. I don't have the high one like some of these guys do, like the two guys in my group, they can hit that ball and send it. I don't have that because of the limitations in my back and my leg."

Uggetti: His driver is still going very far. Woods is tied for 25th in driving distance this week and has kept up with his playing partners, both of whom hit the ball a long way. As Woods explained after his round Friday, his lower body can no longer push off the ground to get more distance, but by carefully using his core, he can still attain 180 mph ball speed and hit the ball plenty far. It also helps that Riviera is playing such that the ball is getting a good rollout. You can see why Woods wanted to make this his debut tournament. 041b061a72

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