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These are just some of the troubles young Prometheus and Omer face as they traverse away from the Dills and onto a cattle drive to the Dakota area. They battle new biases from whites, Hispanics, and even the Indians. Along the way, Prometheus learns how to fend for himself and how to battle for the truth, whatever that truth may be.

While this book is not intended for younger readers, mature readers (10th grade and up) will appreciate the reality of this novel. The novel forces readers to think about the war from a new perspective, can be easily connected to ideas about history, and may be used to discuss context in current political events.

A fictional story set on a polygamist compound and told through the eyes of three adolescent girls, Sister Wife is an instantly engaging novel that offers insight into the pressures and struggles young girls in polygamist communities face.

The fictional town of Unity is a highly structured community where young girls are expected to care for siblings, be married to a man as old as their fathers, and live in a household with multiple wives and their children. The last thing they are supposed to want is to leave. Celeste, her sister Nanette, who is strictly and steadfastly committed to following the ways of her faith, and Taviana, a young girl welcomed and then ostracized from Unity, alternate as the narrator.

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'ANTWONE FISHER' -- Denzel Washington's directorial debut, written by the movie's real-life namesake, shows traces of "Ordinary People," "Good Will Hunting" and "Finding Forrester." But to dismiss it as derivative would be to deny its emotional potency. Impressive newcomer Derek Luke plays Fisher, a Naval scrub with a hair-trigger temper that belies a true sweetness, and the ever-steady Washington plays the therapist who helps him face his dark past. See review, D1. PG-13 (violence, language, mature thematic material involving abuse). 1:57. ***1/2

'GANGS OF NEW YORK' -- Martin Scorsese gives us a drama of revenge and obsession, focusing on a moody young rebel (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his murderous nemesis (Daniel Day-Lewis). Scorsese transports us to 19th-century Manhattan, where ethnic street gangs form a melting-pot drama of poverty, violence and corruption, climaxing in the bloody convulsion of the city's 1863 Civil War draft riots. This is an epic of society's underside, a dangerous romance, a poem to Manhattan and a majestic opera of bloodshed and crime. It may not be a complete masterwork, but it's definitely the work of a master. R (violence, language, sensuality). 2:48. ****

'THE WILD THORNBERRYS MOVIE' -- The creators of "Rugrats" now give young viewers the first big-screen version of the popular Nickelodeon animated cartoon. A spunky preteen heroine named Eliza tangles with two sleazy poachers in a family-friendly adventure that offers an admirable message about nature and the environment. The talented vocal cast includes Lynn Redgrave, Alfre Woodard, Rupert Everett, Tim Curry and Marisa Tomei. PG (Some adventure peril). 1:28. ***1/2

Note : For additional movie clips, go online to '50 FIRST DATES' -- The meager laughs never justify the elaborate setup of this "Memento"-meets-"Groundhog Day" romantic comedy. It has a puppyish Adam Sandler falling for Drew Barrymore, a cutie ... [Read More...]

Although there are at least 17 essential elements required to complete the cycle of plant growth and maturation, monitoring macronutrient status is considered most important for maintaining crop quality and yield. The essential macronutrients including N, P, K, calcium (Ca), Mg, and sulfur (S) are needed in relatively high concentrations [11]. Each of the essential nutrients perform crucial roles in plant development, and deficiencies of each nutrient cause unique symptoms that are visually diagnosable in many instances. Some of the primary effects of nutrient deficiencies include stunting and changes in leaf shape or orientation [12]. Nutrient deficiencies often cause changes in foliar coloration which may appear yellow (chlorotic), white (bleached), brown (necrotic), red, or black [12]. It is important to consider that the mobility of nutrients within plant tissues also dictate the location symptoms occur. For instance, deficiencies of mobile nutrients such as N, P, K, and Mg typically lead to symptom development on the mature lower foliage while relatively immobile nutrients such as Ca and S cause symptoms to develop on the upper foliage. Additionally, the pattern and distribution of symptoms on a single leaf are important to consider when diagnosing symptoms.

Pairwise comparisons of foliar nutrient concentrations found in the most recently matured leaves of young, intermediate, and mature flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) plants grown under macronutrient deficient conditions.

First and second derivatives of (A) young, (B) intermediate, and (C) mature flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) plants smoothed using the gap-segment algorithm. Peak wavelengths demonstrate locations with the most informative bands necessary to distinguish among each nutrient deficiency.

Overall accuracy for intermediate maturity plants was lower than for young plants at 82%. Classification accuracies for control, N-deficient, P-deficient, K-deficient, Mg-deficient, and S-deficient plants were 94%, 92%, 58%, 70%, 79%, and 80%, respectively (Table 3). Nitrogen-deficient plants were successfully classified in most instances, but some N-deficient plants were misclassified as being Mg-deficient and vice versa. Additionally, a large proportion of P-deficient leaves were misclassified as control leaves. This may have been because P-deficient leaves had large green, chlorotic, and necrotic spots that likely resulted in more variable spectral measurements. Furthermore, a large portion of the upper foliage of P-deficient plants was visually asymptomatic, leading these leaves to be classified with control plants.

On Monday, October 9, Google announced that it had paid $1.65 billion in stock for the purchase of YouTube, the online video sharing service started by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. In just over a year and a half, the three partners turned a simple concept into an astoundingly popular site, one that serves more than 100 million videos per day, with more than 65,000 videos being uploaded daily. According to site tracking firm Hitwise, 60 percent of all videos watched online are clips from YouTube. Not bad for a 19-month-old company. 041b061a72

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