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Vcds Release 10.6.3 Installer

from a user perspective there is very little to dislike. when i first started using the vcds release 10.6.3 installer, i was a bit confused about some of the dialog boxes and buttons. the one that is most confusing for me is the library partition. it doesn't explain that clicking on the button will create the first partition (..).

Vcds Release 10.6.3 Installer

this is actually a minor annoyance but not the most important thing i like about the vcds release 10.6.3 installer. it is the simple installation process. i haven't had any issue with it failing or hanging in the last few days, and i haven't had any trouble with the installation either. the only thing i am having trouble with is getting vcds release 10.3 to see the hard drive of my dell xps 13. i'm not sure if it is actually working. i'll have to do more testing to find out if it is working.

first, it takes a long time to download all the packages i am interested in. i would like to have the installer download all the packages on a server instead of keeping a local copy. this would save a lot of time and bandwidth. it also prevents me from having to worry about a corrupt download from the server.

second, the installer doesn't offer any way to browse for a specific application that i want to install. i have been using the linux distribution manager to select which packages to install. if i have been using it right, i can just select the package i want to install and click on the install button.

i can understand why vcds release 10.6.3 doesn't show these details. it wants to build a very generic installer. but i think a lot of the time it is very hard to decide what to install. it might be easier to decide what to install if it were to show more information.

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